Day Three    The seat tubes
Drilling and threading for the seat tube
With a seat tube support mounted, we
check the fit and alignment of a seat tube.
Rider position number one. Seat tube is
In this picture note the seat tube support
and the stand off holding the seat tube
doughnut. Also note the small stand off
under the seat tube to hold the tube
center to the bottom bracket shell. The
long rod on the bottom holds the seat
tube support level by threading the rod in
or out. This also stiffens the support.
This picture here shows the threaded rod
in a nut that is welded to a bolt head and
then threaded in a nut on the angle iron.
The large bolt will allow it to swivel with
the  seat tube support above.
All six positions are now mounted. The
seat tubes are just being supported by the
jig. We will not tack them in place until
we have all the other tubes mounted and
in their positions. On day four, we should
have the front triangle under way and the
laterals and top tube mounted. We'll see!
Another shot of the seat tube support and
the adjusting rod on the bottom. Note the
large bolt on top under the seat tube and
the large bolt holding the rod. These two
bolts work together allowing the seat
tube to be level and allowing us to fine
tune the seat tube angle by being able to
move the seat tube a degree up or back.
(Whatever the specs call for)
Ever wonder who we are? we are.

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