Day Eight
Frame prep, cable guides & more
I scribe a center line for a guide to place braze on's.
The left chainstay (top) will be marked for the drum brake
braze on. (Pac-Man) The bottom will be marked for the
derailleur cable housing stop.
Marking the top tube and lateral for guide stops.
With the drum brake mounted on the rear hub, I position
the pac-man in it's place and tack it on.
Ready to weld.
The Lincoln TIG ï¿¿185 welder has a "Pulse" feature. I
use the pulse to fuse the Pac-man to the chain stay.
Cable stop ready to weld.
A cable housing stop. I used pulse here as well.
The down tube "triple stop". This cable stop was
welded with a filler metal with the TIG 185 as well.
The seat tubes are ready for reaming and slot's.
A center line is scribed and ready to slot.
Slotted seat tube.
Seat post clamp mounted and ready for a seat post.
July 4th weekend
Have a Happy 4th of July!!!!!