Sandblast & Paint
It has been cold, wet and damp for the past few months. We scheduled a sandblast and paint for last weekend but after three
beautiful week days the weekend finally hit and guess what? Rain! We wanted to do this months ago but schedules, weather and
other obsticals arose. As you could imagine, we do not have a paint booth big enough to spray a frame this large in. So Matt set up
an area in his shop to sandblast some steel fencing and truck parts and the frame just did fit. After recent concerns and a bit of
pressure from the owner, we figured we better do it this weekend. Rain or shine. Matt finished up the truck's he was painting and
put off the fence he is sandblasting and painting for our church.It ended up being a pretty nice day but it was windy (blowing dust
around is a big concern) and a bit cool but it was a go! Matt spent several hours sandblasting to get the surface contamination off
and give me a velvet smooth surface to work with. Lets see how it came out.
Matt "blast's" the frame
Note the gray floor. No not concrete but a layer of sand. This took nearly two
pressure pots of sand to complete.
Once the frame and fork were blasted. We had to clean up all the sand and get it as dust free as possible. We must primer the
frame now tp avoid surface rust from starting. This is my largest concern. Regardless of when we do this, if we don't get the
bare smooth metal primered it would rust. Rust under the primer and paint is not a good thing. This would just lead to long term
problems with the paint. It has warmed up a bit more since we started today. This is a good thing. We got as much of the dust
out of the air we could and I began to mix the primer. Now the primer must lay down smooth. If it is not smooth then we will
have to sand it out. And that will add another day of work to our paint job. The primer must completly dry before sanding. If we
don't need to sand then we can let it flash for about twenty minutes and apply the color coat.
Here I apply epoxy
primer on the frame
and fork.
Here the color coat goes down.
Here the color coat with a coat of
clear applied
The sun has set and it is cooling way
down. But we got the final coat of
clear on. It has been just a bit over
10 hours since we started the day
. It's time to call it a day.
Next week we inspect the frame paint
and clear for dust or blems. We fix any
problems that we may find and prep the
frame for assembly.We then re assemble
the frame and give it a test before
building a crate for shipping.