Building the Hex Rear wheel
All the parts
Drop spokes on the drive side first.
Drop one every other hole only.
Flip the hub and drop the spokes
the other way.
Once all the spokes are in the drive
side, find the two starting spokes.
Make sure the label is facing the
drive side of the bike.
Insert the two starting spokes just
to the left of the valve stem hole.
Insert the spokes, thread on a nipple
and draw them up with a nipple
The drive side all laced up.
Now drop the left or static side
The built wheel.
Not only do I like the rim label facing
the drive side of the bike, but I also
like to build it so the hub label faces the
valve hole. Here you can see the label
when looking in to the valve hole.
Next true the wheel with a stand
and a spoke wrench.
Checking the alignment.