Day 5...The front triangle
The Penn State Six Pack
Double check seat tube fit at the bottom bracket
Produce 2 doughnuts to fit the 1 1/4" head tube.
Produce another arm to support the front
triangle and thread it to hold the head tube stand
Head tube stand off's mounted.
The arm support. This mounts to the jig
to hold the main arm.
The main arm complete.
The main arm support mounting plate.
Ready to weld.
The welded plate ready to drill and slot.
The main jig drilled and threaded for the plate.
The plate mounted.
Note the two holes on the front of the
plate. The main arm mount will bolt here.
The head tube mounted.
Check for level.
The front triangle mounted and level
The main frame is ready to tack and weld.
Next week we will check the alignment of all the tubes. Be sure they are all straight and center.
I will then tack the frame
(putting a small weld bead on each tube joint to hold it as a single unit)
check the alignment again then weld it.
Once it is welded we will check the alignment again and do any final "tweeking" if necessary.