Day Four... Setting and aligning the tubes
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Day 4
We have set the angle of the seat tube
supports and here I measure the center
of each support to the one next to it to be
sure the top tube will fit properly.
Once the seat tubes are in the jig, I
check to see if they are level.
After spending some time re aligning the
rear lateral tube, we got a better fit.
This one tube had a crimp and buldge
from the factory at one of the seat tubes.
It had about a 3" drop in it. When the
tube was put in the jig it would not line
up with the number 5 position seat tube  
and the rear seat tube. This also threw
off the top tube at the rear seat tube.
With a bit of care we were able to work
it back by hand with a little "T.L.C". We
got it back to nearly perfect.
The next two pictures show...
"All our ducks are in a row".
With all the tubes set in the jig, level and
aligned we are ready to start
manufacturing the down tube / head tube
support. That should be posted on day 5.
Once the down tube / head tube supports
are mounted we can tack the frame and
start welding before we do the rear
The Penn State Six Pack
Day 5