Day Seven
Alignment: As you can see the headtube is
off about 3-5mm to the left. (Right of bike)
This  is somewhat an easy alignment since
the frame is not welded yet.
This picture is sideways. But we are
checking the axle line measurement.
Spotting the axle line
The frame tacked...pre-weld.
Here I grind down a tack. Tacks on a frame this large
need to be bigger than normal so they don't snap
when moving the frame during welding & alignment.
A BIG tack
"DANGER... Will Robinson...DANGER"!
After cleaning up the tacks and befor welding, be
sure to clean the frame of any oil. grime, dust and
finger oils.
Some of the welding
The "Handy Dandy" Lincoln T.I.G. 185 welder.
This is what makes it all possible
Prealign and weld
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Headtube @ Downtube
Bottom Tube @ Bottom Bracket Shell
Downtube / Front Seattube @ F.B.B.
A seattube @ the Toptube
Seattube @ toptube close up
Another seattube @ toptube.
Seat stays @ rear Seat tube
Front Lateral @ top tube
Mid Lateral @ top tube
Rear lateral @ tp tube
Another Lateral shot
Seat tube @ lateral and top tube
Seat tube @ top tube
Complete welded frame
Frame with fork mounted
This is one long frame set. Measured from rear axle to front axle it's...15'
All of the welding is now finished. The next step is brazing the dropouts
and installing the cable guides and bridges in the rear triangle.
Once we are sure the frame is straight we will check the threads in the
rear bottom bracket and  make sure the seat post's and bottom bracket
eccentric's fit. Then we may be able to assemble it for a test ride.
A few more days and we will be ready to roll.
Check back soon for day 8.