Day Two...Bottom tube weld and the seat tubes
Once the bottom tube is checked and aligned
it was welded. An alignment check was done
after each weld.
Now the seat tube jig and plugs will be
This picture shows the plug being cut.
Two plugs are cut. One small and one
large. A bolt is run through the
middle to hold and center them. The
large one will fit snug to the outside
of the seat tube.
Now we check the fit.

Two inch channel is drilled and tapped
for the seat tube supports. By drilling
more than one hole, we can adjust the
support for many size seat tubes.
This picture shows the bottom end of
the seat tube support. The angle iron
will bolt to the main jig and the large
bolt will allow the support to swivel to
adjust for seat tube angles. The small
bot is a stand off to center the seat
tube to the bottom bracket shell.
The seat tube mounted and supported
by the seat tube brace.
Another shot of the seat support. Note the
small bolt supporting the seat tube center
of the bottom bracket shell.
The stand off.
The Penn State Six Pack
Day 2