Checking plate size to B.B shell
Scribe lines to find center
Mark and drill holes for mounting to jig
Make a "Doughnut" to hold the B.B center
A 4x4 steel tube is used to jig the B.B
Drill & Tap to hold the B.B fixtures
One position mounted with 1/4" bolts
The center hold is drilled& tapped for
a 5/8" bolt.
The doughnut is drilled for a 5/8"
bolt but not tapped.
The rear B.B shell mounted
Two doughnuts are used. One small to
center the B.B from the inside and
one large to hold it in place on the
Slot the outer doughnut for easy
assembly & disassembly
One bottom tube set up. Position 6
and position 5. Note the two stand
off's. They are two 1/4 screws
threaded in the jig to hold the bottom
tube center to the B.B's. They are
threaded to fine tune the adjustment.
Drilled about 100mm from the edge of
the B.B mounting plates.
The next bottom tube. Position 5 to
position 4.
All six Bottom Brackets & Bottom
tubes mounted and ready to tack.
Day One...The Bottom Brackets
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